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September '19

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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 29 Laser Engraving 7. Clean the laser table and mat; 8. I remove the laser table and vacuum underneath it; 9. I have a lower section under my laser that has a door opening that I also occasionally vacuum; 10. Wipe your belt off that moves your laser head on the X-axis. Do not use any cleaner or lubrication on the belt itself. I also put a little WD-40 on a paper towel and clean the two Y-rails my laser head moves back to front of my laser table. If you have Z-rails — your table moves up and down on these — they may also be wiped off. Some Z-rails are not easy to access and may be closed off to your laser table. They may only need to be checked occasionally for cleaning and any wear. WD-40 can also be used to clean other metal parts or electrical connec- tions. Make sure you don't get it on your optics as it requires a significant cleaning to get it off. About every three months, I use a set of long brushes inside the vents to loosen the buildup. I remove the venting hose and My laser parts replacement kit is a great stress reducer. laser engraving / print fume extraction solutions call. (618) 205 5007 email. visit. laser printing Call our experts to find the perfeCt solution for your specific requirements • RELIABLE • HIGH QUALITY • LOW LIFETIME COSTS • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY • HIGH PERFORMANCE • AFFORDABLE We are experts in fume extraction and filtration for all types of laser and print processing, including engraving, coding and marking, cutting, drilling, welding, 3D printing, uv, dye sub and solvent applications. also brush the inside of the hose and out- side vent. I pressure wash the inside of my hose once a year using my washout nozzle for my sand etching mask. The brushes I use were purchased at auto supply stores, online lab supply shops, and from kitchen cleaning suppliers. REPLACING YOUR LENS AND MIRRORS Look for discoloration of the surface of your optics to indicate it is time to replace your lens or mirrors. Your lens likely need replacing first. If you need to replace the lens, replace the main redi- recting mirrors near your lens if they are the least bit discolored. You will find this rejuvenates your laser. The mirrors fur- ther from your lens will not likely need

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