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30 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 replacing at this time and may outlast your lens by many years. Make sure your lens is pointed in the proper direction when you replace it. There is a correct side that faces down at your materials. You may want to mark the edge of the lens frame that faces down with a permanent marker to indicate the side facing down. This helps with future inspections. If replacing your lens, buy the correct lens measured in distance from the focal point and that was made for your laser. I use a 2-inch lens, which is fairly standard. LUBRICATING Follow the directions for your laser; each brand is different. You may not have the parts I discuss next. Have the lubricant(s) on hand your manufacturer recommends. X-axis belt rail ball bearings – your laser lens moves left to right along the X-axis. Usually it is moved by a belt that slides along a rail on ball bearings. Clean any old grease and gunk buildup from the ball bearings with a paper towel or cotton swab. The grease accumulates lasering residue and can add to wearing out your ball bearings. New grease will then be applied. Make sure you do not over-apply too much grease as it is not needed and only collects more gunk faster. MOTORS, BELTS, FOCUS PLUNGERS, RULERS, X-AXIS CONTROL The primary parts that may need occa- sional replacing are your motors that move your lens and table. The motor that most frequently wears out is the motor that moves your lens along the X-axis. I have never had to replace a Y-axis motor nor the motor that moves my table up and down. I've replaced my X-axis motor several times and can perform the replacement in 10 minutes if I need to. Heat is the enemy of motors, so the cooler they are while working, the longer they last. I have a fan that blows air on The cover helps keep my cable assembly and encoder strip clean. This turning mirror has not been replaced but is cleaned along with my lens and mirror.

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