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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 31 my laser when it is working hard. This fan is in addition to all the fans my laser has. So if any of your laser's fans stop working, including any internal fans, make sure you replace them as quickly as possible. The other parts that I may have to replace from time to time are my X-axis belt, X-axis cable that delivers the engraving data to move the lens, the encoder strip that indicates where my lens has to move to, and the electronics board on top of my lens assembly that receives the data. Remember, your laser may be different. I highly recommend you keep spare parts on hand at all times. Which ones? Ask your manufacturer which parts wear out most frequently. They have plenty of experience to share. By keeping a handful of parts at my shop, I avoid: • Not completing jobs on time • Losing money because I have to turn down orders • Panic • Paying overnight shipping charges A part never wears out when you are just playing with your laser because things are quiet. I clean my Y-axis rails with WD-40. My rulers are cleaned with LA's Totally Awesome or WD-40. Laser Engraving LASER TUBE Your laser tube is likely to last 10 to 15 years. It will lose power as time goes by, and you will need to adjust your laser settings as this occurs. Eventually, you will not have enough power to complete jobs or find that it is just too difficult to get acceptable results in a timely manner. Ask your manufacturer what to look for as an indication that your laser tube needs replacing. Most lasers have tubes that can be replaced by the user in an hour or so. Consider creating a special savings account so you have the money put aside when it comes times to replace the tube. A well-maintained laser will make your day a much happier one! A&E

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