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32 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 A fter having my fiber laser for about a year now, I was able to add a new tool to our arsenal. I should have added this a long time ago, but I wanted to focus on figuring out my new machine before adding another layer of required learning. It turns out that my delay was not needed, and I am happy to say that I have added a disc rotary system and a drinkware nest to my fiber laser. With school starting up again, I wanted to make sure I was ready for the increase in tumbler sales from parents, schools, and upcoming fundraisers. I strongly feel that we are now properly set up to handle the increase in orders and not cannibalize our other sales/orders by running out of pro- duction time. INITIAL CONCERNS Initially I was concerned that there would be a lot of new settings and math required to figure out how to run the new rotary system; however, when the manufac- turer designed the disc rotary, they essen- tially made it a plug-and-play system. My other initial concern was that I would have to run the same pattern for all my cups; since we do a lot of custom short runs, this was a major matter. I discovered that I am able to run 10 different designs if needed. To catch everyone up to speed on the laser I use, I run a Radian Laser Systems 3D RL-GT3 60 Watt MOPA. Since the machine is a 3-D model, I can engrave up to 55 degrees off center without the need for rotating/spinning the piece I am engraving. When I purchased my machine, I opted to have a single, stationary adjust- able drinkware nest to allow me to engrave cylindrical items. My initial drinkware nest did work well and allowed me to do many cups, but the issue I ran into was time. The galvo laser ran my designs so fast that I didn't have much time in between runs for file setup, repacking cups, or other tasks that needed to be done. Now that I have added the disc rotary system and drinkware nest, I can load up to 10 30-ounce cups and let the rotary cycle them through while I work on other tasks. In addition to the 30-ounce cups, a number of other items can be used on the rotary as well. In the kit for the rotary there were inserts for 20-ounce cups as well as stops for mugs with handles (the stops Increasing Efficiency and Output Braden Todd is a second-generation engraver and owner of Glassmith2, located in Boulder, Colorado. Braden's expertise ranges from sandcarving, indus- trial laser cutting/engraving, UV printing, and the other supporting facets that allow Glassmith2 to consistently provide cutting-edge items to its retail and wholesale customers. Questions and wholesale inquiries are always welcome: Utilizing Available Tools For Your Fiber Laser By Braden Todd A disc rotary system and a drinkware nest can help handle an increase in drinkware orders. ALL IMAGES COURTESY BRADEN TODD

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