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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 33 ensure the mugs don't drop down from the handle weight). Using the provided inserts, we can run 30- and 20-ounce cups, pint glasses, and more. With a little creativity, making new jigs is simple and requires some acrylic cut- ting to make new inserts that fit into the drinkware nest. By making new jigs, just about any custom solution can be made. I even discovered that using two of the "30- ounce Top" pieces worked well for a custom aluminum engraving job that needed done. HOW TO SET UP AND RUN THE ROTARY To set up the rotary base, I had to line up and mount the base's holes onto my laser's table. When doing this step, it is a good idea to ensure that the marking area is centered on the drinkware nest to ensure the items are properly aligned in the marking field. The next step is to align your drinkware nest and center your laser. This is a critical step to ensure proper marking and rotation. To find the center of the marking location, you can either measure the drinkware nest section or use a cup and the red dot to determine the highest point on the cup. To save time in the future, I recommend marking the drinkware nest with the center position so you can accurately line up the drinkware nest for future uses. If the center is not properly set, you will have issues with the engravings not marking properly due to them being shifted left or right and not following the 3-D curves properly. Signs of a poor alignment are warped images and uneven focus/laser brightness while running. When your laser is on the disc rotary, it is locked and will not freely spin anymore. In order to move the rotary for setting the home position, you need to use the soft- ware. Simply click the Advance tab and select Disc Rotary. Once the Disc Rotary window opens, you can use the Move angle(Deg) feature to adjust the rotary from .01 degrees to 180 degrees. Once you have everything aligned properly, click the Reset Position button, and your home setting will be saved. Now that the rotary is set up and aligned properly, the next thing to do is to set up the artwork's hatch settings and The disc rotary system and drinkware nest allows users to load up to 10 30-ounce cups and let the rotary cycle them through while working on other tasks. By making new jigs, just about any custom solution can be made.

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