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34 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 create a 3-D file to run. Seen in the photos to the right are the hatch settings I used, power settings, and the 3-D settings. Every machine is different, but this gave me a nice anneal mark and a run time of barely over 2 minutes for a 3-by-3-inch design. As mentioned earlier, the drinkware nest can hold up to 10 30-ounce cups, and each rotation to the next marking area is 36 degrees. If you are running less than 10 cups, you can select the Total(ea) field to enter how many pieces will be run. When your laser is on the disc rotary, it is locked and will not freely spin anymore. In order to move the rotary for setting the home position, you need to use the software. Seen here are the hatch settings I used for this project, power settings, and the 3-D settings. Hatch settings. Power settings. 3-D settings.

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