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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 41 COLOR LINEUP Chili Pepper, PMS #19-1557 It's noted that this is a bit more of a fiery shade of red than Fiesta, which was included in Pantone's spring color palette. Gifts and décor trends have added more adventurous colors, Eiseman says: "A large part of that is attributed to a digitalized world and all of the images that people are looking at now on Instagram — no question." Bold shades and that pop of color make your photo more eye-attracting and stand out in the Insta- gram feed. Biking Red, PMS #19-1650 This deep hue is strong and powerful in a different way than Chili Pepper. It's not quite plum but a deep burgundy shade. A dark hue that is easily associated with fall and will warm in winter. Crème de Pêche, PMS #12-1110 This soft color has a warm hue to it. It's deeper than Vanilla Custard (coming later in this list) with a pink hint but not as dark as Peach Pink. It is a surprising color to be found for fall. Peach Pink, PMS # 15-1530 Noted as "warm and flattering," this is a deeper/stronger shade than Crème de Pêche; a neutral tone with more warmth than a normal beige. Peach may be something you think of as the perfect summer fruit, but this year it'll extend into the colder weather and is sure to brighten up those darker winter days. Rocky Road, PMS #19-1234 It's rumored that Pantone executives love a double entendre. Not only the name of a chocolate and marshmallow ice cream flavor, Rocky Road can conjure up images of the outdoors and hiking, which are hugely popular in today's world and definitely a trend to play up in your custom products. Fruit Dove, PMS # 17-1926 There was the Millennial Pink phase, and now it continues to shift with this effer- vescent tone of pink. This pop of color can be used sparingly like Orange Tiger, Dark Cheddar, and Chili Pepper, but it's impor- tant to include those pops of shocking colors in this everything-is-a-photo-op world. Eiseman notes, "It's interesting how shocking pinks have stayed on even in autumn. This is a consumer favorite and an attention-getter without all of the heat that the other two reds have." Sugar Almond, PMS #18-1155 The food obsession at Pantone is real this season with the continued names like Sugar Almond. It's brighter than a typical rusty brown hue that might be seen in fall. This "appetizing mid-tone" can appear brighter or darker depending on the color combination. Dark Cheddar, PMS #15-1150 Pantone calls this color, "Bold and daring, Dark Cheddar is a sharp blend of yellow and orange." With a name like Dark Cheddar, it'll pop great against Galaxy Blue, or go wild and pair it with Fruit Dove. Galaxy Blue, PMS #19-4055 This color is noted as a "thoughtful, evocative, and representative of a greater galaxy," with a goal to transport the design. It has a darker feel but is not nearly as dark as Evening Blue or a navy. With hints of red and almost a royal blue tone to it, it'll pair nicely with Biking Red. Eiseman says, "Galaxy Blue and Bluestone are more subdued blues, sort of like browns, more grounding. Blues that are more subtle. It's kind of the thoughtfulness that goes along with the reds." Bluestone, PMS #18-4217 This gray-blue shade will be wonderful with Paloma for a winter wedding. The winter shades can be used without being too dark and cold. Pantone notes it to be a color of quiet resolve. Orange Tiger, PMS #16-1358 A fearless hue that states, I'm here and not to be ignored. "The orange flavor is still there, but even the term 'tiger' accentuates the fact that there is power in that color. It's a strong orange in addition to a strong red," Eiseman says. Orange Tiger is brighter than a typical pumpkin you see this fall and may be used better as an accent to attract attention rather than a background color filling an entire serving tray. Eden, PMS #19-6050 This dark forest green hue brings a bit of nature indoors. A more traditional color that can be paired with Vanilla Cus- tard and Evening Sky or for a surprise, use it with Fruit Dove. There's always the chance to mix it with Chili Pepper for some Christmas-themed patterns. Fashion Color Trend Autumn 2019 Winter 2020 Classic Color Palette The 12 colors chosen plus the four classic hues. The RGB formulas provided are for dye-sublimation color formula reference.

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