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42 • A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 CLASSIC COLOR PALETTE: FOUR ADDITIONAL COLORS Vanilla Custard, PMS #12-0815 This creamy white is all that it says it is. It's not too warm or too stark. Dessert, anyone? Evening Blue, PMS #19-3815 This has more of a dark royal blue tone than a navy so it's easier to think of the darkening sky on a crisp, cold night with that amazing blue. This can be a great alternative to black, as well as Eden, when needing to ground a design. Paloma, PMS #16-0000 A lovely gray that's reminiscent of when gray is not a metallic reflective material. This can be used in so many different ways and is a big color to use, whether for a nursery, gifts, or apparel. While many know of Paloma Picasso, the shade isn't named after her. The word means "dove." Eiseman says, "It's really more about Paloma being another name for dove. A softness is implied with that color. It doesn't have any hard edges. It was related more to the bird than Paloma herself." White isn't stark but has warm tones to it, while not going as dark as a creamy tan. Paloma is a lovely gray that you'll also see used widely from the palette. Pantone notes this is a nurturing palette with a range of colors tantalizing taste buds but also allowing others to express themselves. No doubt the yummy shade of Rocky Road will come into play nicely against Fruit Dove for those Instagram- worthy pictures with your products.

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