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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 45 Graphic Design Fig 2 Fig 3 On to other export options: • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is often preferred for various RIP (Raster Image Processor) programs and for sharing with others. It supports vector and raster images, as well as text in the same file, and can include numerous color spaces in the file. It often grows in file size, especially if it includes a bitmap transparency. • AI (Adobe Illustrator) is often requested by various users. It has most of the same abilities as Corel- DRAW yet does not allow multiple color models in the same file as does CorelDRAW and must be either RGB or CMYK, not both. PDF FORMAT Si n c e P D F ( Po r t a b l e Do c u m e n t Format) files are, most often, preferred by many recipients and cross-platform compatible, I will spend some time with descriptions of the export dialogs in Corel- DRAW. A fairly descriptive video is avail- able at, though some suggestions here are somewhat subjective to the author's preference. Nevertheless, this video is informative. Any Corel file can be exported to a PDF format. The General tab has several options (Figure 2). Export range allows one to choose what is exported: the entire document, only a selected portion, or mul- tiple documents. If the multiple documents option is chosen, it is best to name each CDR file with a numerical sequence in front of the file name (01, 02, 03, etc.) so that they appear in their preferred order in the resulting PDF file (called a binder).

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