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September '19

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A&E SEPTEMBER 2019 • 61 Sandcarving bands. Pat set out to blast this balloon and to give the optical illusion of billowing panels. We decided to let the shading almost disappear where one band met the other; he did a great job! To show how skinny the almost-disappearing line is, I took another picture against strong back light (page 59). We employed the same method of blasting in the balloon with the zigzag design: some light carving, and some uni- form area shading with a skinny, almost un-blasted line defining the vertical panels. Overall we were happy with the outcome of the samples. Finally, Pat worked on how to blast the trees by rounding the branches; you achieve that by not just blasting straight on at a 90-degree angle, but by also pointing the nozzle at a 45-degree angle into each side wall. The mountains are lightly carved on one edge and shaded wherever two design areas met. In the final piece, Pat decided to go even lighter with his blasting; see the difference between the sample piece and the final piece above. Overall, he continues to improve on his techniques and is happy to see the dif- ference between the first panels and the latter ones. It gives me great satisfaction to see his skills improve and to see how happy he is with his work. Well done Pat, only two more panels to go. © Ruth L Dobbins 2019 The first version of the mountains with carving and shading. A closeup of the balloons flying over the mountains and trees. The whole finished panel with the mountain range on the right being more lightly shaded than the sample piece. I keep reminding Pat to look at the connections from one panel to the other and that he has to pay attention to the value changes not being too stark. A&E

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