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SEPTEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 15 I think she makes a great point for our deal- erships struggling with accessories. As resty- lers, we can help our dealerships with this, even if it's just starting with sales training. As a restyler, when you have a product to offer one of your dealerships, trust is critical. If you don't believe in a product, then you shouldn't offer it just to get a sale. We've turned down business before because we didn't feel OK with using a cer- tain brand or product. I found her answer to match perfectly with one of my beliefs when I asked Mollie what the underlying factors are when choosing when to work with a vendor or restyler. She explains that dealer/vendor rela- tionships are primarily based on trust, so the best thing vendors can do to increase steady business is cultivate and maintain positive relationships with their dealers, because everyone in this business talks to each other. Reputation is key. When establishing and maintaining relationships, she says that honesty goes a long way with dealers, A McGrath Facebook post lets buyers know that aftermarket leather seat options are avail- able, thanks to the dealership's relationship with Top Coverage. KITS $398 STARTING AT LOWEST PRICE EVER. YUKON JK 866-887-4487 WHOLESALE PRICING Yukon Gear & Axle ACT NOW!

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