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16 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2019 Dealerships&Accessories and that too many vendors have walked in with an overly enthusiastic attitude while promising the moon. Setting the right expectations from the start, consistency and staying in touch with your contact at the dealership all go a long way. When it comes to advice she can give vendors and restylers when meeting with a dealership, Mollie advises that unless you have an appointment, don't go in with a sales pitch or to check in on the account during the first couple days or last week of the month. Your chances of getting a positive response will be much better when last month is closed. But, when the time is right, don't be shy. Dealerships truly benefit from their rela- tionships with restylers. "Accessories really help vehicles stand out," she notes. "The Nissan Titans we've added lift kits and beefier wheels to get parked front-and-center outside and always stop a few people driving by the dealership." From the conversations I've had with our dealerships and thorough interviewing Mollie McGrath, it's obvious the restyler and dealership are a perfect match. Acces- sories, when offered correctly to the right customers, continue to help dealerships with overall profit. Finally, I asked Mollie what she's seeing on the dealer end regarding industry trends or any changes coming to the industry. "Like everything, the automotive industry is becoming increasingly digital," she observes. "Having a user-friendly website and a fast response time on social media platforms is simply an expectation of today's society, including interactive media to show- case your products. Providing consumers the opportunity to price-out their own options takes you from adequate to impressive." COURTNEY LEIGH PAHLKE and her brother are second- generation partners of their father's 44-year-old company, Top Coverage. Their locations service nearly 350 dealerships in Chicago and throughout Illinois, where they work hard to grow their father's empire. Learn more at The McGrath dealerships in Chicagoland understand the benefits of working closely with restylers to help create interest and move inventory. Nissan Titans outfitted with lift kits and new wheels and tires draw attention and increase traffic at the McGrath dealership in Illinois.

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