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28 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2019 about to take a different approach. Yes, the number of vehicles on display went from 38 to 47—but the content of the proj- ects built was reduced by approximately 20 percent from the previous year. LESS CAN BE MORE Thinking outside the box sometimes requires looking farther down the road than the headlights will reach. Our focus changed to building packages that attract attention but also are more affordable to a larger mass of consumers. Choosing the correct vehicle trim level to begin with is key when presenting a pro- posal. Doing the research on each model and knowing the differences between trim levels for each vehicle allows a restyler to present packages that entice a potential buyer into the finance office. In addition to adding the appropriate products to attract more buyers, the turn, or time taken to sell, is on top of the list of priorities for all new-car dealers. Deal- erships have a specified window of time between unloading the car transport and sending the vehicle down the road with a new owner. Typically, the interest starts ticking after 90 days on the lot. When you multiply that interest number by the number of vehicles on a lot, the expense of aged inventory can be stag- gering. It is in everyone's interest to see that these exciting vehicles sell quickly. It is also common for a dealer's manage- ment team to be incentivized for quick turn times and subsequently penalized for aged inventory. Convincing these same managers to release a stock unit weeks prior to an upcoming auto show requires careful planning and a convincing presentation. With the Twin Cities Auto Show running nine days, however, the number of eyeballs on a dealer's inventory at the show would compare to literally several months of show floor traffic, making the effort more than worth it. SHOW RECAP With the 2019 show now 12 weeks behind us, the results speak for themselves. Nearly 80 percent of the vehicles built for the show have been sold and delivered. Of the units sold, 70 percent of the acces- Our area at the 2019 Twin Cites Auto Show was called The Custom Garage Powered by Automotive Concepts and included 47 vehicles from area dealerships that we customized with attractive accessory packages. With the overall automotive accessories business now exceeding $43 billion in annual sales, putting these products in front of consumers before or during their buying decisions is critical to the success of capturing a share in this exciting business. SHOW 'EM WHAT YOU GOT

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