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SEPTEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 29 sories have been reordered or are waiting on incoming inventory to replenish their stock with the same or similar packages. Of particular interest, the complete chrome delete packages were a hit on everything from a Sierra Denali to a Lincoln Navigator. Also, a new rear seat entertainment system that mounts off the headrest post from VOXX Electronics generated a lot of interest. The unit allows front seat passen- gers to control the entire system through an app, with many audio/video input options. Tracking these vehicles and accessories throughout the year also allows us to eval- uate and prepare for next year's auto show. Sharing the success stories with dealerships who did not participate in this year's auto show is also a great asset for our sales team. It never seems to fail—dealership per- sonnel will make their way to the Custom Garage asking the same question, "Why don't we have any vehicles here?" All you can do is smile and say, "There's always next year!" DINO PERFETTI is a 31-year veteran of the automotive after- market industr y. Currently serving as SEMA PRO Council Chair-elect, he is engaged with several industry professionals with visions of increasing the opportunities in bringing products to market through car dealerships. Having joined Auto- motive Concepts in 2008, he is the sales manager, leading a team in customizing vehicles for over 250 dealerships throughout the Midwest. Contact him at With the auto industry expecting to see more change in the next two years than it has seen in the last 50, there's no shortage of innovation and new technology in new production vehicles across several brands. 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED DATA AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMA DATA CO-OP & DCI 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE

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