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SEPTEMBER 2019 THE SHOP 31 easier, and we offered to be more hands- on by doing some of the work that our customers had done in the past in terms of choosing, scheduling and demonstrating our products. What we found was that when we made it easier for our customers through our improved service, our sales grew without having to add on a bunch of new products or even new customers. We already had a good customer base, but now because it was easier to do busi- ness with us, our same customer base was selling more of the same products. This taught me a valuable lesson: When business is down or things seem off, look at the service side of the business before examining the product side. Putting extra emphasis on the service side of the sale can help businesses grow. (Photos courtesy Terry's Toppers) Instead of desperately searching for the next big thing, try to improve your service on the last four or five big things you found in years past. Your customers will appre- ciate it, and you will too. JOSH POULSON is the principal of Auto Additions in Columbus, Ohio, which was named Restyler of the Year, 2012-'13. Auto Addi - tions offers a complete line of product upgrades, including 12-volt and appearance packages with a spe- cific focus on the dealership segment. Josh currently serves on the SEMA PRO council and was named 2015-'16 Person of the Year at the 2015 SEMA Show.

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