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38 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2019 S ecurity systems still have an impor- tant place in the automotive after- market, with features and benefits that make sense for vehicles old and new. Available in configurations ranging from traditional alarms to high-tech, two-way systems that can be activated via fobs and apps and offer added convenience such as remote start, they are attractive to end con- sumers and car dealerships looking to add a proven profit maker to their inventory. Manufacturers offer some updates on their latest top-sellers and ways shops can use security systems to protect and serve their clients. Voxx Electronics – PURSUIT Hauppauge, New York Joe Dentamaro VP Vehicle Security Products Our hottest Security System product for 2019 is … … the CPT2 add-on Impact and Digital Tilt Sensor. Its best features include … … the ability for this sensor to activate an OEM factory security system if the win- dows are broken or if the vehicle is jacked- up to steal the wheels and tires. The biggest challenge for shops offering aftermarket Security Systems is … … explaining and then presenting the benefits of an aftermarket vehicle secu- rity/remote start system to the consumer, and how most OEM security systems that come on new vehicles provide only the very basics—they do very little to protect vehicle contents from a thief breaking a window, opening the trunk or jacking up the vehicle to steal wheels or tires. An unexpected benefit for shops offering aftermarket Security Systems is … … presenting this system to new-car dealers so they can add additional revenue and profit to their operations. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Security Systems … … expand their product offerings to local new-car dealers, showing them how they can offer their customers additional protec- tion/benefits to their new vehicle purchase and bring additional revenue/profit to the dealership. Firstech LLC (Compustar) Kent, Washington Justin Lee Marketing Director Our hottest Security System product for 2019 is … … the CS7900-AS two-way remote start and security system. Its best features include … … the CS7900-AS upgrades the security of any vehicle, while also adding remote start for driving comfort throughout the year. This system includes a dual-stage shock sensor that will instantly alert you via the included two-way T9 remote, which is equipped with 3,000 feet of communica- tion range. The T9's upgraded range is handy in the event you forget to lock your doors (or think you did)—you can just tap Lock and the T9 remote will provide instant two-way confirmation. The biggest challenge for shops offering aftermarket Security Systems is … … upgrading from a basic car alarm. Many customers will come in asking for simply a remote and a siren. But what good is an alarm if you're not alerted in the event of a break- in or hit-and-run? Shops that can educate cus- TO SERVE & PROTECT Aftermarket security systems offer convenience & peace of mind. Aftermarket security systems offer convenience and peace of mind for customers, and added profit potential for shops. Aftermarket security systems are attrac- tive options for all vehicles—even those that come with some form of theft protec- tion from the factory. (Photo courtesy Voxx Electronics – PURSUIT) If a customer tells you that they are shopping for an alarm, they have just told you that they are concerned about the safety and security of their vehicle and possessions. (Photo cour- tesy Firstech LLC/Compustar)

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