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58 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2019 A few weeks ago, we were asked to re-appraise a 1966 Olds Toro- nado that we had evaluated for The Automobile Gallery (www. in Green Bay, Wisconsin, several years ago. Although the Gallery is designed to look like an art gallery where the cars are the art, most people would call it a car museum. The Automobile Gallery wanted the Toronado appraisal redone because the car had recently been repainted. When we arrived, we were surprised to find that the paintwork was done by an outside commercial shop. This seemed odd, since The Automobile Gallery usually has restoration done by a private shop that it's connected with. Paul Faby, the Gallery's director of acquisitions, explained he had found it more practical to have this par- ticular job done by an independent shop. It's most likely that The Automobile Gal- lery's regular shop couldn't schedule the paint job by the end of the year, which might have been important, timing-wise, due to annual budgeting concerns. This made us wonder if shop owners who subscribe to THE SHOP magazine might be able to generate additional work from car museums. We have noticed that many new museums have opened up lately, and we have also heard of several others that are going through expansions and renovations. This looks like a reversal of a past trend of car museums closing their doors, and suggests that there's business to be had in this niche. NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN OLD CARS One of the museums being revitalized is the Four Wheel Drive Museum (FWD Museum) in Clintonville, Wisconsin ( Mark Thomas—a Clintonville native who now lives in Michigan—is driving this effort. At a recent meeting, he told us that he has secured vehicle donations that increased the number of cars and trucks in the museum from 13 to almost 60. In many cases, the donated vehicles are unrestored and, with most being large trucks, restora- tion work is not easy to do. Thomas said volunteers (including many people who worked for FWD-Seagrave Building relationships servicing local collections. By John Gunnell You Belong in a Museum! 58 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2019 The American Muscle Car Museum in Florida is a great example of a quality collection that could benefit from relationships with local restyling and performance shops. (Photo courtesy American Muscle Car Museum) AMCM's Jerry Frye puts the finishing touches on a concours-correct restoration of the collection's 1966 Chev- rolet Biscayne. (Photo courtesy American Muscle Car Museum)

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