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2 0 1 9 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 2 9 cally, these types of pads are made from the same material that is on your lower heat press platen and they can be cut (using a box knife) to any size that you may need. An additional hack when using these types of pads is to insert the pad inside the platen protector that is on your lower platen. This makes it easier to load your garment and apply a larger quantity. Then, you won't have to remove and reposition the pad with every item you're applying. This works best when you are printing a larger job; think 24 pieces-plus. The third option when trying to isolate your application area and generate even pressure is a heat printing pillow. These pillows are great when having some type of raised object under the heat press is unavoidable. The pillow is able to absorb the raised area and even out the pressure for your application. Pillows are available in multiple sizes just like the interchangeable lower platens. The best ones to keep on hand would be 16" X 20", 6" X 20", and 11" X 15". The 16" X 20" is especially effective when you need to press a garment that has buttons all the way up the middle. Insert the pillow inside the garment, place it on the press, and the buttons will sink in to the pillow and allow the upper platen to make contact with your heat transfer. Another hack is to insert the pillow underneath your lower platen protector so you don't have to insert and remove with every garment that is going on the press. It's a great trick to use when decorating baseball jerseys for a league. Check out part one of this article for details on how to weed vinyl designs faster and place your graphics exactly where they should be: continued on page 62 A printing pad or pillow inside of a platen protector makes it easier to load garments and apply a larger quantity of goods without removing and reposi- tioning the pad with every item you're applying. Side tables can act as a second pair of hands holding the majority of the garment for you thus making it easier to manage decorations.

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