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2 0 1 9 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 1 Top: Is your team sports customer looking to add patches to the picture? Consider leather, PVC, glit- ter, liquid-filled, rhinestone, woven, 3D, or even the classic chenille patch. (Image courtesy Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company) Above: When a customer is putting in an order, consider including a page with additional options like practice gear, warm-ups, socks, water bottles, and bags. (Image courtesy HanesBrands) ers and fans sporting outside the stadi- um and off the court. Neale adds, "The shops that are succeeding are the ones offering garments that deliver the total package: comfort, performance, anti-microbial and SPF protec- tion, a modern cut with an on- trend look, and of course flawless d├ęcor." On top of additional prod- ucts, shops can upsell decora- tion methods. This might not always work, as the product often dictates what type of dec- oration method or technique is used, but it's a possibility. The go- to decoration techniques in this mar- ket include screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, and digital transfer options. However, there are ways to elevate your customer's custom look through decoration services. Rich "Dr. Patch" Soergel of Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company says school sports and organized teams use che- nille patches not only for branding but on uniforms, jackets, and even as awards. In this example, there are two upsell oppor- tunities. The first being the addition of the patch itself. Is your client considering jack- ets? Emblems are a great add-on. Is it the end of the season and time to recognize star players? Award patches could be the answer. There's also the option to upsell the type of patch offered such as rubber, PVC, glitter, or reflective. Tim Lunt of Stain Imaging says allover decoration services are an excellent fit for shops that work in the sports licensing realm. He says this for two reasons: 1. Few markets have this passionate of a fan base. Flaunting allegiance and pride is nothing that needs to be encouraged. Few things say it louder and prouder than using every inch of the product to make a statement. 2. Licensing is costly and competitive. Having a unique angle or look is para- mount in separating what one compa- ny does with their license from another.

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