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2 0 1 9 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 3 parel because they stretch with the fabric. McCauley even suggests decorating Ts with a message that appears once the T-shirt gets wet. The opportunity to add more items and decoration elements to a team sports order is apparent, but there are some as- pects of technique and timing that play a part in whether or not a shop succeeds in the upsell. THE HOMESTRETCH With a bit of confidence and knowledge, shops can better approach and successfully win the team sports upsell. All sources agreed that having a sample and something for the customer to physi- cally see and touch is what will push an or- der to greater lengths. Create a showroom with your offerings displayed. It makes it easy for a customer to pick and choose what they want in a garment, as well as in decoration. For Lunt, it's all about "developing rap- port, comfort, and confidence." He says potential customers don't like being sold on something, but they want to buy. Creat- ing a comfortability level, showcasing your knowledge, and familiarity with the client's needs is a good baseline. With this type of environment, he says there's less chance the upsell will get pushback. To get your current or potential customer comfortable, show them you know who they are, what they need, and what they might be missing. Carrier says, "Being pre- pared is the best position you can be in." She suggests meeting with a customer before pitching the sale. Get to know their needs, but also the needs of the end-user. Would SPF, anti-microbial, or quick-dry properties make sense for the client? Is this an indoor league where SPF garments wouldn't make sense? If so, what else is there to offer and upsell? She encourages shops to ask the customer how flexible they are with their requests. During a second meet- ing, showcase solutions that answer to their initial inquiry, followed by up- graded options of those products and services. Carrier says showing the op- tions side-by-side allows the customer to compare easily, and during this, there is a higher chance they'll choose the upgrade. For return customers, Davis encour- ages shops to look at their past orders and show them how to freshen up the look. It might not be something a cus- tomer considered before they walked through your door, but after seeing a mockup they may realize its time for something more. While these tactics can be helpful, McCauley says it's essential to stay up on the happenings of the community and school teams. Know when teams are winning, when they're on their way to a tournament or championship, and if they need new gear for next sea- son. He says these are the pivotal times to reach out for upsells. "Teams have been practicing for months, playing games, traveling, up and downs, ev- erything they've gone through together pays off with an emotionally charged amount of success. That's when you present them with the upgraded decoration treatment. Show them championship gear with top of the line brands and decoration. Make them feel like the champions they are," McCauley adds. This isn't to say you should only attempt the upsell at high points in a team's time- line. Neale argues that the best time for an upsell is every time. If a customer is buying soccer Ts, bring up shorts. If they're already purchasing both, mention warm-ups and water bottles. There's always a go-to com- plementary item. "Certainly, job No. 1 is to first deliver what the customer wants. That fundamental truth is what sets the table for future upsells. With that as the baseline, it often comes down to the one-two punch: making the customer aware of upsell op- tions and doing it every time," Neale says. Maybe now isn't the right time for addi- tional purchases, but they'll remember the extra time you spent with them when next season comes around. Always keep the door open, and let the customer know add-ons are available at any time. When it comes to upsells, McCauley reminds shop owners of the old sports metaphor: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Take advantage of the submarkets and add-on products associated with the team sports market today. Get out there and connect with your local principals, booster clubs, parents, and recreation centers, and start talking about what your shop can offer their players and fans in the stands. PW Winter accessories are great add-ons for any team or club. Beanies are always a favorite, but don't forget headbands, scarfs, and gloves to complete the fanwear look. (Image courtesy Augusta Sportswear) Want to go hard (goods)? Get more details on upselling nonwearables at upsellnonwearables

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