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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 19 Leather and Stone Another material that can be marked and cut with a laser engraver is leather, which is popular in the personalization market, for items like key chains, coasters and bag and purse tags. Stone, such as slate, granite, marble and quartz, can be engraved using a laser to create monuments, custom pavers, coasters and gifts. Lasers also can be used to cut cardboard, plywood and balsawood to make prototypes and architectural and other types of models. It can cut Mylar, a type of polyester film, and oil board, cardboard that has been coated, to cre- ate stencils. And it can cut paper for sta- tionary, invitations and latticework and laser etch wood for gifts and personalized signs. Using a laser engraver to cut the dif- ferent types of materials doesn't present too many drawbacks, Anthony says. The key instead is to make sure to identify the right speed and power settings for the material and working environment, such as it being hot, cold or humid, she says. "It's a little bit of a trial-and-error process to find the best setting for each of these types of materials," Anthony says. Materials to Avoid Some materials cannot be cut with a CO 2 laser engraver, such as polycar- bonate and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, because of the fact they release toxic fumes, and metal because it is reflective, Anthony says. Coated metal, such as black brassed steel or anodized aluminum, however can be engraved by removing the coat- ing from the metal to make things like plaques, trophy plates and signs. Another option is two-ply engraving plastic, where the cap is removed with the laser to reveal the core. There are also prod- ucts on the market that can be applied to stainless steel for laser engraving to create a permanent engraved marking. "Finding the right settings for your specific laser is important with all mate- rials and can make all the difference in your end results and making a plain piece into a piece of art," Thompson says. SDG VISIT CALL 775.829.7272 Grippers BLADE SIGN KITS Custom Nuts Mounting Plate Finishing Cap Profile Easy to install and easy to change, Blade Sign Kits from Gyford offer a complete signage solution right out of the box! Blade Sign Kits can be used in single or double panel configurations for the ultimate in flexibility…and can be assembled before you arrive on-site for incredibly fast installation. Special in September 10% off ALL Standoff & Wire Kits Cannot be combined with any other offers

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