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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 31 nique we did not have to worry about leaking glue and contaminated fingers doing harm to our work, and the assem- bly process was fool proof and really easy to do. A laser can engrave many materials, and cut through several materials, too. And it is great for making patterns from thin poster board you can buy at the dol- lar store. It took six sheets of 22" x 28" cheap poster board to produce our instal- lation pattern, which was highly accurate and easy to assemble right on the wall itself. I had the laser cut a center mark on the top middle sheet, and once that sheet was in place on the wall all the others were taped to it. This step took about 15 minutes, but after that every single piece was easy to fit in exactly the right place. The installation of the text, the logo, and the flag graphic (minus the frames themselves) took about an hour. The adhesive we used was a typical double- sided white foam tape, which fortunately was very compatible with the wall paint. On the larger pieces I put two or three very small drops of clear silicone as a backup adhesive, but don't think that was required. The frames were done in a special way, which I did on the spot and took more than two hours to do since there were 52 of them. We needed to create the right offset or spacing on the backs to allow sliding a photo into each frame without removing any from the wall. So, we cut 1/4" strips of foam tape with a razor blade which were put on three sides of the frames (on the back) follow- ing exactly the inner edge of the wide part of the frame and creating the void we needed. The dimensions of the frames allowed for photos exactly 3.5" x 5" in size, and the three-sided application of mounting tape created an opening at the top of each frame just the right thickness to allow them to slide a photo in place easily. A piece of paper the size of a playing card, folded once, could be slid in behind the photo to push it forward against the lens. This worked perfectly. Changing out the photos might be a challenge but one they don't expect to need to deal with. A vet- eran is always a veteran. In the end, Principal Heflin was as happy a customer as I can remember and was looking forward to gathering all the photos and finishing out the dis- play though the next school year. In the future, once all frames are filled, there is room to add at least another 50 or 60 more proud veterans, so this will be an ongoing project for years to come. Looking back, this project was a fun job to design, construct and install. And it will honor their veteran classmates who deserve to be recognized and will do so for a long time to come. SDG A laser can engrave and cut through several materials. It is great for making patterns from thin poster board.

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