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50 • September 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Eco-Solvent Solution With the versatility of today's digital printers, many shops can enter the digital textile market by employing their exist- ing printing technology. Using trans- fer film and purchasing a heat press, will allow you to transfer your designs directly to fabrics. Applications for heat- transferred eco-solvent printed designs include apparel, accessories and décor. Manufacturers are also responding to the growing interest in textiles by devel- oping specially coated fabrics specifically made for soft signage applications. For example, Roland has recently launched its SoftSign Woven Polyester ( E S M - SSWP2) coated fabric, which is designed for printing with eco-solvent and UV inks on the coated side, or sublimated inks on the uncoated side. UV Printers If your shop has a UV printer, you can easily print on fabrics for décor and soft signage applications. Hunter advises, however, that textile printing options like dye-sublimation are better for wearable textiles, since UV inks are not as wash- durable as other inks. UV printers can also print on other "fabric-like" substrates ranging from soft vinyls to vegan leather, allowing PSPs to offer options that appeal to a wide range of customer needs. Dye-Sublimation Printers The faster production speeds offered by dye-sublimation printers and the increased durability of sublimated designs make dye-sublimation an appeal- ing alternative for large production runs. The inks offer excellent rub resistance, making dye-sublimation a good option for interior décor and furniture. In addition, fabric manufacturers are developing new polyester fabrics that imitate other textiles such as linen, silk and velvet. These fabrics broaden the appeal of sublimation for products beyond traditional athletic apparel and swimsuits. TEXTILE Dye-sublimated graphics are popular for décor applications. Photos courtesy of Just Vision It. Textile exhibit graphics are easy to ship and store. Photo courtesy of Just Vision It.

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