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52 • September 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S of white ink, which requires additional maintenance and pre-treatment steps. Multifunctional Printers Manufacturers are beginning to offer alternatives for companies that want a direct-to-fabric printer, but would also like to have the option to dye-sublimate and print to transfer paper for a wider variety of application opportunities. For example, Roland recently introduced its RT-640M multi- function dye-sublimation printer, which offers direct-to-garment or dye-sub- limation transfer printing, all in one. While this printer is used primarily for mesh flags, banners and soft signage applications, it also allows for rigid sign, merchandise, and hard surface custom- ization. The range of printing options offered by new multi-functional printers like the RT-640M is appealing to PSPs who are trying to "read the tea leaves" on which applications will be most in demand. TEXTILE Licensed figures shine bright in dye-sublimated textile prints. Photo courtesy of Just Vision It. Soft signage applications like these are gain- ing in popularity. Photos courtesy of Just Vision It. Image courtesy of Roland DGA

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