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September '19

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 55 ects, so we send out a one-page ques- tionnaire to help narrow down our product recommendations," Calma says. "Some factors are just sim- ply impossible to deal with, but we have suggestions that can help with both long-term durability and clean removal, as well." Arlon provides its DPF range of films, suitable for hard outdoor sur- faces, with high- and ultra-tack cal- endared films designed for smoother walls and a conformable cast film bet- ter suited for more difficult jobs. "If you're dealing with stucco, it's almost impossible to install and remove without damage, so we'd recommend a high-tack product with more texture conformability, or the cast for a print-like finish," Bui says. Josh Culverhouse, graphic innovations market manager with ORAFOL Americas, based in Black Creek, Georgia, offers the Orajet range of rough-surface compatible substrates, with the option of custom slitting or providing longer jumbo-sized rolls for customers with larger jobs. Surface prep is particularly important when doing a rough sur- face job, especially if you've been tasked with an older building and weather-worn brick walls, he explains. "For unpainted raw brick, block or stone wall surfaces, it's not a bad idea to go in a week in advance and pressure wash the surface Wrapped by Graphics Unlimited. Image courtesy of Arlon. Wrapped by Adventure Branding. Image courtesy of Arlon. Themed mural on a brick wall at restaurant in Irving, Texas.

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