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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 57 "The material also has a balance of dimensional stability that makes it easy to handle during installation, yet pliable so that it can confirm to textured surfaces, resulting in a 'painted-on' appearance," he says. "The entire line is compat- ible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks, and can also be printed with UV offset and screen print." Like other products designed for projects that often cover the entire sides of buildings, AlumiGraphics Smooth comes in roll sizes as large as 53" x 150". Causey says the material's unique prop- erties means it is repositionable during installation and can also be overlapped for tiling while doing large mural projects. "We suggest that designers strategi- cally align the seams along blank or busy areas where alignment is less critical," he adds. "Since there are many variations in the type and size of bricks and tiles and the size and depth of grout lines, each installation on brick or block surfaces may require a slightly different method." Causey's biggest advice is to make sure not to span the material between bricks, which can allow moisture to get behind the graphics and break down the adhesive; he suggests slicing the material in those gaps and essentially wrapping the individual bricks for a better fit, using a roller to compress all of the flat surface areas. Removal can be even more of a chal- lenge, as most permanent graphics in this case tend to be permanent, Calma says, though many will come off in pieces, if they are not painted or wrapped over again. Warrantied lifespans of the various products can be quite extensive, as well, provided the installer has done a good job in the first place. AlumiGraphics has a minimum life expectancy of two years when printed with solvent inks, and more than five years using UV inks, even with- out an overlaminate. ORAFOL's Orajet substrates have a lifespan of five to eight years, and the thickest of Arlon's prod- ucts come with a seven-year warranty (or six months to a single year if installed on masonry surfaces, given the risks of moisture, Bui adds). Given the complexity of rough surface jobs, all three manufacturers are happy to Advertisement in a stadium on a cinder block wall in Las Vegas. Leasing information on a masonry building during construction in Vancouver, BC. provide personalized recommendations regarding tools, products and installation tips, with online videos available to help guide first-timers. SDG Sticks to everything including low VOC Paints! Use RB528H for Peace of Mind. 866-622-8223 H MULTI-PRINT Don't let this happen to you!

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