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September '19

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 63 Offering a Different Look and Feel Steve Yarbrough, product support specialist at Drytac, Richmond, Virginia, says that some of the best applications for these unique products are for advertising campaigns for cloth- ing, sporting goods or anywhere a wall needs some texture to help bring attention to a product or design. "I have seen textures to include textiles such as canvas, linen, bamboo, along with others to include sand, wood and carbon fiber. Each texture will give a different look and feel to the project and should be chosen based on what the client is looking for." Yarbrough notes a number of current trends in the market. "Right now, I'm seeing applications from anything from com- plete wall displays for retail space, to these products replacing wallpaper as it is easy to install and remove, as well as magnetic wall displays." Attention Grabbing Graphics "More and more retail stores are trying to find new ways for their signage to standout without adding much cost," adds Robert Rundle, national marketing manager, Nekoosa/Catalina Graphic Films, Nekoosa, Wisconsin. "Textured and metalized patterned printable/plotter cut films such as our VinylEFX help grab the attention of the consumer while still economically conveying the stores message." Rundle says these films work well with integrating a mar- keting campaign with a textured or metalized film versus the typical white or clear film showcases the creative work behind the messaging. "These films can be used in a seasonal campaign or to refresh a company's brand; both inside the stores as well as on their fleet trucks." Colorful Options Rundle notes that the company's VinylEFX line offers over 30 different colors/patterns and adhesive combinations with rose gold and champagne being the most recent additions to the line. "VinylEFX is available in a decorative (indoor) or durable (outdoor) series; both are designed for wide-format printing and plotter cutting. Augusta 6-mil wall graphic has a linen embossed texture designed for wide-format printing that gives a rich woven look to images." He says these films are ideal for storefronts, back walls, coun- ter-top and sides, hanging signs and floor graphics. "And, if they are paired with our floor graphic overlaminate, will draw the customers' eyes to the store's message. It's all about brands dif- ferentiating themselves from the rest. Be bold, new and deliver a message people will notice and remember." Installation Dos and Don'ts Yarbrough explains that when working with these films that everything should be tested prior to installation. "You don't want to find out your installers are putting the graphics up on a highly textured surface when you thought it was smooth. If a wall has recently been painted, that the paint needs to be able to completely dry and outgas before applying any graphic mate- rial. Failure to do so will cause poor adhesion. Paints that are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) low odor, as well as the washable/scrubbable paints can cause issues with adhesion and will need a prepping step prior to installing graphics. A washing of the walls with an alcohol and water solution will promote the adhesion of the graphic to the painted surface. There are other options for wall washing such as TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate), "ReTac Textures adds depth and visual appeal to static, flat images with its embossed textured finish," notes Drytac's Steve Yarbrough. Here are graphics created on ReTac Textures Sand. Images courtesy of Drytac.

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