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September '19

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64 • September 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS but the alcohol solution is an easy one to mix and less likely to have any reactions on skin." Yarbrough adds that retail and busi- ness environments may have require- ments for slip resistance, fire ratings as well as other local government require- ments. "Make sure to pick the material that meets these codes, and try work- ing with architectural firms, as they will know what building requirements will be and can be a great resource for current and future clients, and they also work with retail clients." Drytac's ReTac Line He says that Drytac offers several textured print medias that include Retac Sand, ReTac Linen, ReTac Canvas, and ReTac Woodgrain. He explains they are mainly used for wall displays. But can be utilized anywhere that a different look is wanted to differentiate them from other brands. "The options are endless for these materials, shops could do graphics as small as bumper stickers print and cut, to a 40 x 300-foot wall or bigger," says Yarbrough. "This is a great opportunity to give a customer options of not only look but feel to a graphic. These products are beginning to replace the magnetic display systems as it is less expensive and is easy to install and remove. These can also be used on vehicles based on their outdoor durability. If a shop wanted to do an old school woody look to a car, they could use the ReTac wood grain textured material," he concludes. Drytac's Steve Yarbrough points out that ReTac Textures are ideal for clients wanting to create eye- catching graphics in home, business, retail and display environments. Images cour- tesy of Drytac. Mactac makes a number of products in the textured graphics category includ- ing IMAGin DecoMural and IMAGin DecoFresco for the wall decor market. Images courtesy of Mactac. Gierlach continues to see the growth of photography and fine arts sec- tor using material such as Photo Tex fabric in art and museum displays.

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