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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 65 Customized Spaces Tammi Johnson, business development manager, 3M Commercial Solutions, St. Paul, Minnesota, says people continue to customize their spaces in truly unique and interesting ways. "They don't want the same-old, same-old. They want to create environments that go above and beyond what they've seen in the past." She adds that with products becoming more and more versa- tile, no surface is off-limits. "When you think of an interior space, everything is fair game. We're seeing applications on windows, walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, electronics, office supplies, and more." Johnson says these products represent a tremendous opportunity for sign shops. "Many graphics companies typically have operated within a limited market focus of graphic design. Graphics have his- torically served advertising needs from a branding perspective. Now, we can use graphic films to create completely new environments and experiences for customers. Customer experience plays an increas- ingly important role in how brands drive sales. For example, in a retail environment, graphics might be added to the sales floor or embedded into point of purchase displays. And when it comes to branded environments, we're now able to get creative with how we build a company's logo and vision into an existing space." Textured Options from 3M Johnson notes that 3M offers and number of product options in this area. "The 3M Décor Overlaminate 8600 Series is a fantastic opportunity to add texture and depth to printed graphics and really take them to the next level. There are a number of unique patterns Mactac says DecoMural is ideal for providing a long-term textured perma- nent wall murals to any smooth wall. Images courtesy of Mactac. that can give the impression of classic artwork, for example. They include: classic linen, knit, white fir and plaster." She adds that 3M's DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are another great opportunity to add texture to a variety of surfaces. "This product line makes it possible to refresh and reuse existing materials, like cabinets and countertops, and give them a whole new look. Texture options include exotic wood, marble and even a metallic finish." Johnson says that 3 M's Fasara Glass Window Films can replicate etched or sandblasted textures, among others. She notes that these films do double duty by offering privacy to a conference room, for example, and also sprucing it up with decorative textures. "Finally, our very popular 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series has traditionally been used for vehicle applications. However, we're now seeing these materials being used on other sur- faces in creative ways. The bold colors can really make a surface pop. Applications for these products and more can range anywhere from on-premise to mobile assets, to retail structures and electronic gear. We've even seen applications in healthcare environments, where medical and cleaning equipment has been wrapped to make it appear a little less scary for kids. Design elements like cartoon characters can make the environment warmer and friendlier. As long as the surface and film construction are compatible, the opportunities are truly limitless. This makes testing before application critically important, to make sure that the film will adhere to a surface," she points out. Johnson notes that opportunities abound for these products. "It could be anywhere. Retail, healthcare, hos- pitality, office complexes—the list goes on and on. The possibilities aren't limited to any space. So, it's really what Photo Tex is a peel and stick, multi-U.S. patented adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any altera- tion or loss of stick ability. Images courtesy of Photo Tex Group.

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