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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • September 2019 • 71 ONLY $19,950 (About $13,200 out-of-pocket aer Section 179 Tax write-off ) TOLL FREE 800-310-2887 SALES@COMPUTERIZEDCUTTERS.COM WWW.COMPUTERIZEDCUTTERS.COM Starting at ONLY $17,950 SMALL SHOP SOLUTION every. single. machine. PLUS the industry's only 3-YEAR WARRANTY. SDG_CCI_September2019_Freedom_KR4x4_halfpg.indd 1 7/30/2019 12:02:44 PM Bluhm states that, "With 24V prod- ucts you would see the module cost typi- cally higher as they require more LED chips efficiently run within 24V." That number for 24V power supplies and LED modules could be "between 30 to 40 percent costlier than a typical 12V system," says Vincent. In dollars and cents, Riley suggests that "Depending on model(s) and brands there can be a price difference anywhere from seven to 20 dollars more for a 24 V power supply over the 12V power supply." On the face it appears that 12V solu- tions are much less expensive than 12V options, but there are also long-term factors. "There are price differences for the two as the 12V requires less energy than the 24V," starts Farmer. "However, depending on the application, if the sign company is overloading the channel letters or cabinet with 12V modules and power supplies to achieve a certain look, they can be saving money by using a higher powered and brighter led with less 24V power supplies and the project cost less." Design With respect to the LED system design, there can be differences between 12V and 24V options. "There are many designs as well as many ratings such as Ingress Protection (The IP rating) that play a big role in price and what you should use in your particular application," explains Riley. "Such as 'Do you want couplers or do you need couplers?' 'Do you need a dust and water rating for the elements your application requires?'" The size in the sign's design can also play an important role. "When looking at large signage," Bluhm starts, "one needs to think about the amount of power supplies needed. With 24 V, you would have fewer units to position within or near the sign." Farmer adds that "The stroke and depths of a letter are easy ways to figure out if either 12V or 24V products are the better option." Lifespan Generally, LEDs are a trusted source when it comes to dependability and long-lasting performance. Any LED sys- tem should last much longer than older options. "All of our products have a long life- time to ensure we are market leaders in that regard," says Farmer. "The cabinet modules, specifically, are modules we ensure have a 200,000 L70. Our rea- soning is that if a sign company is leas- ing signs or tenants are only wanting to replace faces then they have a solid product installed that will last longer than it will be installed. To pair with long

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