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8 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2019 in Spring Green, Wisconsin, have taken many awards at SEMA and other shows. Mike and Jim Ring are known for making dream machines from muscle cars that may never have been brought back to life otherwise. The Ringbrothers headquarters is a steel building with a total of 8,600 square feet of working space. But the company's real secret is the CNC parts manufacturing, warehousing and marketing operation located in the front of the building. The machinists in the CNC shop can turn the parts the designers dream up into cold reality. In many cases, a new part will later be mass-produced and offered as a Prime Components product. (Prime Com- ponents is the in-house CNC shop at the Ringbrothers facility.) Each car that Ringbrothers turns out has dozens of custom-machined parts such as side vents, complete air-induction systems, export bracing, hinges, custom gas caps, taillight bezels and diffuser-type exhaust tips. The special billet hardware on the cars showcases the abilities of Prime Com- ponents and parts sales add to the shop's bottom line. Ringbrothers has also put together build books that trace a build step-by-step. Car owners love having a build book for their own vehicle. RACE CABINETS & COP BOXES Jim Greenheck is a drag racer and car col- lector. His CTech Manufacturing (www. builds quality products like rolling toolboxes for racing teams, trailer furnishings for racers and col- lectors, and workshop cabinetry for racers and car hobbyists. When the ever-growing racing business slowed a little, CTech created the Cop Box—a tool and equipment holder that slides into SUVs used by police departments. The Wausau, Wisconsin company was actually formed in the early 1990s to build lighter, stronger, high-quality aluminum cabinets for racers. Greenheck developed the MotionLatch for one-hand, one- motion latching and unlatching of cabinet drawers and doors. CTech was ready to go into the home garage market in the mid-2000s. Every- thing for that move was in place until the economy tanked and the company's dealer network suffered. The Cop Box was the answer to opening a new niche to fill the gap in demand. Police departments order dozens of the boxes at a time and manufacturing them did not require a lot of expensive changes at the CTech plant. Here's a selection of the billet aluminum parts manufactured by Ringbrothers. Ringbrothers designs parts for its own builds and then mass-produces them on CNC machines to sell to other car builders. Jim Greenheck is a drag racer and car collector. His CTech Manufacturing makes racing tool- boxes, but expanded into other lines when the racing market slowed down. The same technology and equipment used to make CTech shop and trailer furniture can be used to make Cop Boxes for police departments nationwide. Automotive Work & More

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