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12 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2019 SIGN SIDELINE Before he put together the Imperial Palace Auto Collection, and before he started a restoration shop in a prison, and before he founded Classic Express and The Auc- tion, and before he conceived and built Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Richie Clyne was a wrench-turning, old-car hobbyist restoring Model A Fords with his dad in Long Island, New York. Clyne's first car—a 1929 Model A he bought when he was 12 years old—resides in his new Clyne's Classic Cars (clynescars. com) shop in Las Vegas. Inside the gray and red building, observers will find three Duesenbergs, an L29 Cord cabriolet, several dinosaur-like turn-of-the-century Ahrens- Fox fire engines and a bright red Model T Ford clown car. The shop on the north end of Las Vegas also features custom auto painting services, auto bodywork, powder-coating, mechan- ical repairs on vintage cars and a chassis dynamometer for tuning-up engines. However, one of Clyne's success secrets is a part of the business that's very necessary in Vegas—a full sign shop that produces large signs, poster-size artworks and other graphics. SEMI GRILLE GUARDS A move and expansion created a new busi- ness sideline for Vintage Works Several paper industry engineers formed Vintage Works ( about five years ago. The company began offering sandblasting, powder-coating, machining, plasma cutting, sheet metal fabrication and welding to professional car builders, as well as to do-it-yourself hobbyists. It moved to a larger facility in 2015 and then outgrew that shop. Now, it has tem- porarily moved to a new shop in Abrams, Wisconsin. The Abrams shop also houses Premier Manufacturing (, an established manufacturer of semi-truck grille guards. Vintage Works LLC will be the parent company and both firms will temporarily operate in the Abrams shop until a modern new facility is constructed nearby. The purchase of Premier gives the Automotive Work & More An Auburn convertible sedan sits outside Clyne's Classic Cars in Las Vegas. The shop spe- cializes in restoring classic cars and antique firetrucks. The author (center) with Richie Clyne (left) and car wax maker Barry Meguiar at Clyne's Classic Cars shop in Las Vegas. As a sideline to its restoration business, Clyne's Classic Cars has a complete sign shop that can do large signs, posters and other types of graphics. The manufacturing and sales of standard and custom semi truck grille guards is becoming a booming sideline for Vintage Works since it bought Premier Manufacturing.

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