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OCTOBER 2019 THE SHOP 13 specialty-car business a footprint in the custom semi truck market. There's a huge demand for grille guards to protect the pricey radiators and intercoolers of a semi truck from a deer hit. Vintage Works studied existing semi truck grille guards with the idea of improving them. One problem with many grille guards was the complicated nature of their mounting systems. In many cases, the mounting was fixed-in-position so that drivers and mechanics could not get into areas behind the grille guard to make needed repairs. Premier's mounting system makes installing a grille guard much simpler. A typical grille guard costs about $2,500. Personal customizing is also available to truckers who want to add a name, flag or other design to their trucks. The custom grille guards are handcrafted and can cost around $4,500. The new Premier grille guards are also designed to tilt forward so parts and panels behind them can be accessed for service or repair. Vintage Works also has machines that can straighten damaged grille guards— one more sideline that helps the business expand its horizons. JOHN GUNNELL has been writing about classic cars since 1972. He is also the owner of Gunner's Great Garage in Manawa, Wisconsin. He owns 11 cars and seven motorcycles. Vintage Works LLC also creates and sells these logo clocks made from powder-coat- ed timing covers. They are marketed at car shows and at the shop. WIRELESS CONTROLS AIR SPRING CONTROL KITS NEXT LEVEL 1.877.577.4645 Kits available with a built-in 12 VDC compressor Heavy duty design & build ► ►

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