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20 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2019 that much more, especially if you put a time value on the cost." INCREASING SALES Shops are always interested in increased sales, and our sources are happy to share some ideas. "There's an opportunity to sell a com- plete job," says IDIDIT's Cornwell. "Typi- cally, there are 50-year-old components that also need to be replaced when a steering column is installed. Upselling to replace joints, shafts, steering boxes, rack and pin- ions, etc. can increase sales with all the performance and safety improvements." Stocking the parts you need when a new job comes in can also be a benefit, says Flaming River's Ladina. "Having the product available is a major factor in making the sale," she says. "Also, having an enthusiast on staff that under- stands what a customer needs for their project will grow sales. And, finally, helping the customer to choose a quality product that is made in the USA with a warranty and service will grow sales by creating a satisfied customer." Diedrich advises to always listen to the customer. "Heidts designs and releases new prod- ucts every year based on what customers are asking for to stay current in the market. We team up with our dealers to give them a wide variety or product offerings to accom- modate whatever it is that's coming in their shops. Teaming with long-standing and reputable brands makes a shop's job easier when it comes to recommending and installing a high-dollar suspension kit." Lastly, Street Machinery's Maryanovsky focuses on who's buying. "Get the work out there. Your customers will always be your biggest cheerleaders," he recommends. "We always have a few cars in the shop with various upgraded suspensions and I take potential clients on test drives to see for themselves." Got It Handled Shops and suppliers are working hard to make chassis and steering upgrade jobs as seam- less and effective as possible. (Photo courtesy UMI Performance) Chassis & Steering Products Sources share their top-selling chassis and steering products: FLAMING RIVER INDUSTRIES INC. Hot Product: Tilt steering columns Features & Benefits: Direct-fit applica - tions make the install as simple as possible; steering columns can be cus- tomized to a customer's needs, down to the powder-coating. IDIDIT LLC Hot Product: Pro-Fab and Pro-Lite per- formance steering columns Features & Benefits: Reduced weight; application-specific; easy to install; track-ready; can be paired with the company's SFI-approved, quick-release steering hubs. HEIDTS Hot Product: PRO-G IRS and IFS kits Features & Benefits: Vehicle-specific for proper fitment & ease of installa - tion; bolt-in installation; wide range of vehicle applications; weld-on units available. STREET MACHINERY Hot Product: Air suspension Features & Benefits: Can be paired with high-quality shocks; comfortable ride; lowered stance. Chassis and steering components offer shops the opportunity to sell complete jobs replacing and upgrading older components. (Photos courtesy IDIDIT Inc.) Chassis and steering upgrades are all about the feel behind the wheel.

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