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30 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2019 Heat Protection Products Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), Avon Lake, Ohio, introduces its new GOLD line of heat protection products, developed for high- performance street and grassroots and professional motorsports. Designed to protect critical components such as lines, hoses and wires from excessive heat that can reduce performance or cause failure, the line includes: Heat Sheath GOLD, Heat Shroud GOLD, Cool Cover GOLD, Heat Screen GOLD and Reflect- A-GOLD. All of the products can be trimmed to the correct length as needed and resist UV degradation. Civic Steering Rack Bushing Energy Suspension, San Clemente, California, offers its Hyper-Flex Steering Rack Bushing for 2006-'11 Honda Civic DX/EX/LX applications. Allowing replacement of just the rack bushing and not the complete steering assembly, the polyurethane steering rack bushing improves overall handling and responsiveness. It resists oil, grease and road contaminants, will not wear out or fail, and is available in red or black polyurethane. PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Energy Suspension – New Product Release! 2006-2011 Honda Civic DX/EX/LX Hyper-Flex Steering Rack Bushing Replace just the rack bushing, not the complete steering assembly to save hundreds of dollars! Our longer lasting Hyper-Flex polyurethane steering rack bushing improves overall handling and responsiveness. Because our bushings are resistant to oil, grease and road contaminants, they will not wear out and fail like OE rubber. P/N 16.10107 Add R for red or G for black polyurethane. Jeep Steel Flywheel Centerforce Clutches, Prescott, Arizona, presents a new, high-inertia Steel Flywheel for 2005-'06 Jeep Wranglers equipped with 4.0-liter L6 engines. The 39-pound billet steel flywheel is a direct replacement for the stock unit and delivers significant improvements in both on- and off- road drivability, especially on Jeeps equipped with large-diameter tires. High-inertial flywheels help the engine maintain rpm in rough and adverse terrain without stalling out while also helping to recover some of the highway fuel economy lost from the addition of large off-road tires. See the whole success story: For further information or technical support please call 1-888-MOLYOIL (665-9645) I use it! Made in Germany. Made for you. "Stops low oil pressure and engine stumbling!" Josh Collver European Service Center Dallas, TX #iuseit

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