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OCTOBER 2019 THE SHOP 39 PRECISION ENGINE CAM SPECS P/N: 54-462-11; Grind number 293LRHR14 Operating range: 2600-7200 RPM Intake valve lift (1.72:1 rockers): 0.624" Exhaust valve lift (1.72:1 rockers): 0.624" Intake duration @ 0.050": 243 Exhaust duration @ 0.050": 251 Lobe separation: 114 deg. CRANK INSTALL After thoroughly cleaning our SCAT crank, verifying cleanliness of all oil passages, the MAHLE upper main bearing shells (main bearing P/N MS-2199HX) were installed to the block saddles, then liberally coated with Royal Purple Max Tuff assembly lube. Lower bearing shells were fitted to the main caps and coated with assembly lube. All Dart 7/16-inch main cap bolts were meticulously cleaned and then coated with CMD #3 lube. I first installed the No. 3 (thrust) main cap, gradually snugging the cap as I knocked the crank fore and aft in several steps until the cap was tightened to 25 foot-pounds. This helps to properly align the thrust bearings. I then installed the remaining caps, in steps, beginning with the inboard bolts. Once all caps were properly registered, I tightened all cap bolts to 45 foot-pounds, then 55 foot-pounds, to a final value of 65 foot-pounds, verifying crank rotation effort at each phase. The crank now rolls like warm butter and retains a measured 0.004-inch crank thrust. TIMING SETUP Crank-to-cam timing is handled via a Cloyes 9-3172AZ performance kit. The Motor Heads' Kevin Baker specializes in CNC operation. MANUFACTURING YOUR HIGH PERFORMANCE HEADQUARTERS FOR CRANKSHAFTS, CONNECTING RODS & ROTATING ASSEMBLIES VISIT US AT SEMA, BOOTH # 22537 COMPLETE BALANCED ROTATING ASSEMBLIES I-BEAM & H-BEAM RODS STOCK REPLACEMENT CAST, SERIES 9000 CAST, STANDARD WEIGHT 4340 FORGED, CUSTOM FORGED & BILLET 1400 KINGSDALE AVE. REDONDO BEACH, CA 90278 | P (310) 370.5501 | F (310) 214.2285 | WWW.SCATCRANKSHAFTS.COM DAMPERS FLEXPLATES

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