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58 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2019 he world we live in today is pri- marily driven by the internet. One bad experience with a customer could go viral on Facebook, Google or Yelp in minutes. It takes less than a minute for a customer to vent about your company or a person within your company, rate your business one star and release it to the world. Less than a minute! Customers have the power to make something go viral before you can make things right. We're in an industry where new vehicle technology and auto trends are evolving at such a rapid pace that shops are bound to experience hiccups as manufacturers race to keep up with the latest new car features. Simply put, we're in a rat race—keeping up with the Joneses—as the internet controls us like puppets. Whether your shop services new car dealerships or you're primarily retail-based, every business should have a strategy in place for addressing customer grievances. FIRST STEPS In research conducted by Esteban Kolsky, CX for Executives, 13% tell 15 or more people if they're unhappy with a business, 72% tell six or more people if they're happy, and 67% cite bad experiences as a reason for churn. Whether they turn to social media, give you a bad rating or do nothing at all, it's still important to resolve standing issues with your customer. If you do nothing to make things right, I guarantee they won't be a returning customer. So, what do you do to take action? According to an article in Superoffice. com, Why Customer Complaints are Good For Your Business, there are five steps every business should follow: • Acknowledge the complaint • Inform the customer that you're taking action • Record and categorize the customer complaint • Resolve the complaint according to company policy • Follow up with the customer to make sure they're satisfied If you feel you did everything to make it right for your customer after a bad rating, then follow up with them by responding to Keeping Your Customers Satisfied in 2019 & Beyond Be proactive about addressing complaints before they go viral. By Courtney Leigh Pahlke T The world we live in today is primarily driven by the internet. One bad experience with a customer could go viral on Facebook, Google or Yelp in minutes. There's an op- timistic way to look at a bad re- view: someone is voicing their opinion about your company and bringing an issue to your attention.

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