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OCTOBER 2019 THE SHOP 75 with thousands of public charging stations deployed in restaurants, hotels and airports, along with accessories available through traditional and online retail outlets. So, we have all seen charging pads on countertops. But it makes even more sense for vehicles where we just want to toss our smartphone in a tray without having to fiddle with cumbersome wires. Moreover, with the advent of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the aftermarket, the need for wiring for even data-rich apps, such as navigation, is abolished. Pioneer recently released the Qi-com- patible SDA-WC01 that complements its aftermarket head units that feature wire- less connectivity. The unit does not come prewired with typical power, ground and remote connections. Instead, there is a USB-Type-A-to-USB-Type-C data cable included in the box. So, the end user just needs a USB Type-A power adaptor that is sold in any convenience store to get going and to plug it into an available outlet that is at least 5 volts and 2 amps. But, sometimes there is not an available outlet suited for a clean installation. More- over, we can offer our customers a better solution by finding a dedicated 12-volt power and ground versus plugging into a generic OEM cigarette lighter adaptor. Sometimes a standard Qi charging unit will not do the trick—especially for con- tractors who demand a rugged charging case. For thicker cases, you need more amperage to achieve wireless charging. Although the adoption of wireless charging spaces in vehicles by OEMs has grown significantly, some of the first-gen- eration units lack the horsepower to drive today's power-intensive smartphones. For example, some intensive navigation apps have diminished the efficiency of previous wireless charging systems where they can't put out as much power as the phone demands. As such, this causes the phone to drain at a slow rate rather than putting juice back into the battery. Brandmotion just introduced its second generation of FreedomCharge Qi wire- less charging systems for vehicles. The FreedomCharge MAX system triples the charging power of the original to an industry-leading 15 watts, enabling faster charging of smartphones as well as more efficient function through thick, protective phone cases.

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