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2 0 1 9 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R 4 7 for a particular genre of music or target music festivals. Those within spiritwear can target a specific sport or age group (e.g., elementary, middle school, college, intramural). In this case, Bruce Acker- man, Printavo, says businesses "want to specialize in an area with the goal of being well-known for that." Over time, shops can then expand into other areas and di- versify their client base. To explain the importance of pinpoint- ing the ideal client, Jennifer Cox, National Network of Embroidery Professionals, tells shops, "If you do not know whom you want to do business with, you may flail around and make a lot of noise hoping to attract the attention of anyone nearby. When you do know the kinds of people you want to do business with, you can tai- lor your marketing messages, emails, con- versations, and advertising to attract their attention." When shops know who they're talking to, they can efficiently take on the other tasks that come with getting the at- tention of and reaching new customers. BE WHERE THE BUSINESS IS Once a shop identifies who they're looking for, it's time to find out where those poten- tial customers hang out. Shops can do this by leveraging their current customer base, investigating online, and hosting events. Harris asks shops: Who are those within your current customer base that represent your target audience? It may come down to simply asking them how they found your shop, whether that was from a review, referral, etc. This tells you where other po- tential customers are lurking, and it could be an avenue of contact you hadn't consid- ered before. Another option is to connect with your current customers online, which could lead to some discoveries like where they frequent and what they do. To an extent, Farag says this means stalking them a bit and aligning shop efforts accordingly. If shops see a Facebook event for a chamber event, that's the place to be for a lot of local business. If individuals within the farmer's 704.827.4311 | 877.200.7070 ame�r�.com Call or Visit the A&E Website for More Information! Since 1891 THREAD EMBROIDERY PREMIUM

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