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2 0 1 9 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R 5 5 something that has authenticity than to dig into inspiration from our past? Authenticity is key so the design doesn't look forced or have a poor execution. Pinterest is the first place we start when gathering inspiration for the de- sign. I suggest building a private board for your team and possibly your client to contribute to. We try to add 10–15 images that support the theme of the design. This includes T-shirts we like, textures, imagery, close-ups of unique decoration, and anything else that could be useful in the construction of the concept. CONCEPT SKETCHES This is where we start to work out the layout, typography, and design ele- ments. Depending on the client, we do anywhere from one to three sketches. Every designer works differently, so if sketching isn't in your skillset, skip to step three. We love the sketching pro- cess because it gives us a great case study from concept coproduction, but it also minimizes our design time so we can edit the sketch versus changing up a digital design. If you want to build your inspiration board digitally, you can pull the images from Pinterest and build your own mood board collage. Opposite: This is some of the inspiration we put together for a vintage Western design. We were inspired by letterpress and hand-painted signage of the 1800s Wild West when trains were the best form of transportation. We then print out our mood board so that we could start to hash out the elements we wanted to combine for the concept sketches. Right: Our sketches show two design directions inspired from the same images. One is more of a circular layout that would represent an old badge or element that was attached to luggage, a manhole, or street plac- ard. In the other sketch we wanted to envision an old travel crate with letterpress de-bossing or weath- ered boxcar artwork. This style tends to have a lot of text, but usually works well together. After talking through the concepts with our client, they wanted to pursue the second sketch for this design.

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