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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2019 • 37 He points out that when the monthly self-adhesive vinyl consumption for mounted print work exceeds $3,000, this justifies taking a good look at UV flatbed printers. "A lease payment for a new flatbed printer can be less than $3,000 and a printer that can substitute mounting vinyl, will bring about savings beyond the media itself, since labor is typically the highest cost in production," Garcia explains. Wittenberg says he looks at this as how quickly do you want to recover your investment and at what price/margin will you be selling into the market? "This will help determine the volume you need to sell over the desired recovery period. Does the volume seem reasonable, too small or too large? It may require a trial and error to get to a point where you feel that you can comfortably sell the volume needed and then the ROI calculation will tell you how long it will take to recover your investment." Keeping the Machine Busy Josh Hope, senior manager, Industrial Printing Business Development and Marketing at Mimaki USA, Suwanee, Georgia, says in general, they counsel customers to consider what types of applications they expect to be producing on their new grand-format machine for the majority of the time (80% or so) that it is installed. He adds that Mimaki only sells through authorized dealers. " S o m e g r a n d - f o r m a t p r i n t e r s command a higher price tag, so in that regard there may be a difference in leasing terms, etc. There are also overhead considerations such as floor space, utilities, ability to store large rolls of media or large boards (if a flatbed), etc. "We recommend our customers work with an authorized dealer that can walk them through TCO (total cost of ownership) exercises to find the break- even point," he explains. Output Speed and Quality Hope notes there are many variables involved with this question. "Output speed always seems to 'top of the list' when shopping for a machine but we find that in reality, it's the production throughput that is valued. As in 'how many of X do I need to print, how long will it take me, and at what price can I sell them?' It also varies depending on whether the grand-format printer is a roll-based unit that may be used for distance-viewed billboards that don't require high-resolution quality; or is it a flatbed that's decorating large volumes of smaller items that will be viewed up-close." When the monthly self-adhesive vinyl consumption for mounted print work exceeds $3,000, this justifies taking a good look at UV flatbed printers. 64" ECOSOLVENT WIDE FORMAT PRINTERS Wensco is proud to be an authorized OKI Dealer. Call for more information! 3 year Warranty · 3M MCS Warranty Coverage THE HOT ROD OF WRAPS PRINTERS! SCHEDULE A DEMO TODAY.

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