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Many PSPs operate and thrive by offer- ing shorter and shorter delivery times. Because of this, it's critical that the fin- ishing process does not become a major bottleneck that will delay delivery and invoicing to customers. Analyze Your Media P S P s need to analyze the type of media they use. With as many different materials there are, there are just as many specific cutting requirements. The type of media is essential in deciding whether they just require straight-line finishing or contour-cut finishing equipment. Soft or hard, rigid or flexible, heat-sensitive, prone to distortions the diversity of materials and their specific cutting parameters keeps growing, and so do the applications for which these materials are used. One process that all print displays— banners, posters, point-of-purchase, murals, etc.—have in common: the fin- ishing step that involves cutting. The cutting process can be purely functional or provide a way to further enhance or embellish the product and opening doors to new customers. Automated finishing increases quality, speeds up deliv- ery time, and adds to the bot- tom line for many PSPs. Automation Considerations PSP's that think they might require automation for their finishing department have to consider the following: Do I first tackle my flexible roll cutting or my board cutting? "Do both" is the easy answer, but many fast-growing shops have to allocate their capital carefully. X/Y cutters for rolled materials cut very fast, usually five to eight times faster for flexible media than a flatbed X/Y cutter. Reason: The flatbed cutter cuts with one knife, the X/Y roll cutter cuts with multiple knifes at the same time. They are capable of cutting a 150-foot roll in under 10 minutes, but they are only capable of cutting squares The Dreamcut XLD-170 from Colex is the most versatile of all FOTOBA cutters— designed to work with both rolls and sheets. Image courtesy of Colex Finishing. Zünd's G3 cutter series is available in 11 different sizes, and front/rear table extensions are available. Image courtesy of Zünd America. AirMark offers its Summa F-Series of flatbed cutters in a range of table sizes. Image courtesy of AirMark. You can often improve ROI and delivery time to customers by making a finishing purchase in tandem with your printing device purchase. S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2019 • 41

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