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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2019 • 43 X/Y cutter does specific jobs very fast. If the shop prints on rigid material or requires contour cuts, the correct choice is a digital flatbed cutter. The PSP should look for versatility of the equipment and its ability to cut a wide range of media. Flatbed cutters can cut materials like paper, foamboard, Coroplast, P V C , acrylic and DiBond. PSPs generally know what their needs are today. And they are often able to guess their short-term needs. But when it comes to long-term—it is difficult to foresee changes in their business and the demands of their customers. This is a great reason to select a cutter that allows adding cutting tools for future workflow needs. The ability to add packaging and 3 D cutting software in the future should also be considered. Focus on Value It is time to put digital flatbed cutting equipment into proper focus as a method for adding value and creating perfectly finished products. The benefit of imple- menting a router/knifing system into a print business replaces manual labor and avoids the expense of outsourcing. Print businesses can achieve on-time and faster delivery and preserves con- fidentiality. In the past, the market was built of knife-cutting machines with limited routing capability or routing machines with limited knife capability. Routers were typically slow at knife cutting and knife cutters too lightweight for high- demand routing. Recently however, the knife-cutting machines have been increasing their routing capabilities by increasing the power and robustness of their spindles. A flatbed cutter with both router and knifing capability will allow a PSP to offer many products and materials to their customers. Some manufacturers offer a laser-cutting option for finishing rigid media and cut textiles. Print providers should be aware that a high-performance cutter will last 12 to 15 years or more and therefore the right router/cutter purchase will let your busi- ness grow over the next decade. Shops should be ready for whatever job comes through the front door. Flexibility and Profitability Productivity and reliability are critical factors when remaining competitive in today's challenging economic conditions. Today's digital cutting systems provide users with the flexibility to react quickly and dynamically to changes in customer demands. Finishing can sometimes become a bottleneck in your workflow and productivity—however with the right equipment, finishing can become a shop's strong suit and a significate profit center. SDG It is time to put digital flatbed cutting equipment into proper focus as a method for adding value and creating perfectly finished products.

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