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60 • October 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S W hen attending a trade show or event, you are likely to look around and see fabric structure displays at every turn. There is a reason that fabric structures are so widely adopted, they offer a sophisticated look, are easy to use and the customization possibili- ties are limitless. In addition to trade show applications, fabric displays can be used in interior environments such as retail environments and spaces, spas and health facilities, schools and educational facilities, beauty establishments, trans- portation facilities like train and bus stations, places of entertainment such as movie theaters, hospitality establish- ments and more. Fabric graphics have altered the approach to trade show and event dis- plays due to their unique versatility. This lightweight substrate is easy to pack and ship, making it an ideal choice over other substrates for trade show applications. Dye sublimation printing offers vibrant, rich and consistent color application and allows color matching to a wide range of skin tones, rich blacks and textures on Taking advantage of fabric's versatility to create great experi- ences B Y A L E X F R E D E R I C K Alex Frederick is a Chicagoland- native and marketing professional working in the event, trade show exhibit and display industry. Fabric Event Displays Orbus' Hopup is a col- lapsible display system. Offered in illuminated or non-illuminated versions and featuring full-fitted fabrics pre-attached with heavy-duty hook and loop for a simple assembly.

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