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62 • October 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S TEXTILE Embrace and Backlit Embrace couple the por- tability of a collapsible display with the impres- sive extrusion based frame and graphic sys- tem. Featuring Silicone Edge Graphics and optional backlighting, this display offers a sleek look that can be easily packed up when needed. Formulate Master offers a number of exhibit accessories including hanging structures and arches. All featuring an aluminum tube frame and slip-over pillowcase graphics, these impressive dis- plays offer unmatched visual and branding opportunities. Hanging structures are often customized for permanent interior installa- tions or customized to match branding with a trade show exhibit. Orbus Vector Frame Line features aluminum extru- sion frames coupled with push-fit Silicone Edge Graphics. This line offers wall mounted displays, full exhibit kits and square or rectangle banner stands and light boxes. graphics that already feature realistic, color rich visuals to make them stand out even more. Lighting draws attention to messaging and branding and makes colors pop. Illuminated versions of a number of popular displays exist as well. Another major demand is soft signage being incorporated as permanent fixtures in interior environments. For example, retailers utilize hanging structures to visually identify and separate sections of a store. Fabric kiosks and iPad stands are being used as self-check-in stations in entrance or lobby spaces in various envi- ronments. Backwalls and banner stands are incorporated at activity-focused facilities for photo opportunities such as escape-room team photos. The growth in systems that use fabric graphics has also allowed for growth in the rental exhibit offerings. A number of exhibit and display solutions exist in which a customer can rent a frame and purchase their own fabric graphics that they retain. This translates to significant cost savings over purchasing an entire exhibit system. If a customer decides that they love the system, it can always be purchased at a later date and graph- ics can be reused or new graphics can be purchased. This provides an unmatched versatility in the trade show environ- ment, creating a unique look for each show attended. With the versatility of fabrics, off- the-shelf and custom exhibits and dis- plays can feature unique visual elements, angles and branding opportunities that haven't been seen before. As materials and equipment advance, the opportunity for customization continues to grow. SDG Formulate Fabric Backwalls couple aluminum tube frame and pillowcase fabric graphics for a sleek and modern appearance. They are available in straight as well as vertical and horizontal curves and 5'w, 8'w and 10'w straight backwalls are available illuminated as well.

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