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64 • October 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Managing the graphics and the company Charity Jackson is co-owner of Visual Horizons Custom Signs based in Modesto, California. She has been in business since 1995 and has worked in the sign industry for over 25 years. You can visit her website at M anaging fleet accounts is a two-fold approach – man- aging the graphics and installation and managing the company that is purchasing the wraps. We're a small sign shop with a busy production schedule. Often the vehicle wraps that come through our shop come in in twos, threes, maybe fours. These wraps are often joining a much bigger fleet of vehicles that the company has. In our area, we don't get calls to wrap a fleet of 20 vehicles at one time. I mention this because I think the majority of wrap shops are in the same boat as us. It could be because you're in a smaller town or you don't have large companies in your area that require that many vehicles to be wrapped at one time. B Y C H A R I T Y J A C K S O N Let's Talk Shop WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Fleet Accounts If we were doing four vehicles at a time, or 20, we would approach the project the same way. We would still ask the cus- tomer the same questions about vehicle types, the number of vehicles coming in at a time, the budget, deadline, design vari- ances across the vehicles and what artwork is available. There are differences of course; if you have a fleet of 20 vehicles that need to be wrapped on a tight deadline, you're going to need a larger crew to manage the graphics production, as well as a larger install crew. You're also going to approach the pricing differently than if a customer is ordering a couple of vehicles at a time. Aside from managing the graphics, taking care of the cus- tomer is an integral part of this, no matter how many vehicles you're doing at a time. Customer Service When a company chooses to do business with you on a repeat basis, it's because of the quality of your work and the ease of doing business with you. Initially, the price may be a factor We wrapped four of these box trucks over a few days; they were added to an existing fleet of multiple vehicle types we had previously wrapped.

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