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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2019 • 65 as you quote their first project, but even then, how you communicate with the customer, edu- cating them and offering quality options is a huge part of gaining a new client. A new account often starts with just one vehicle. When the customer learns that they can trust you to not only do a quality job but that your company is easy to work with, they will return with the next vehicle(s). Communication Our company is heading into its 25th year in business, and I believe that one of the areas that sets us apart from the competition is our communication with the customer. We've heard many times over the years that a customer pursued business with us because a) we actually answered the phone, b) we followed through on a quote or other item we promised and, c) we were able to answer their questions thoroughly. If it's between the hours of 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday, our front door is unlocked, our staff is on-hand to help customers and our phones will be answered. We are not flaky. It's crazy how something that should be a given for a business is often an exception. We've set parameters for our staff that helps to ensure we're taking good care of the customer. If a customer has a vehicle—or multiple vehicles—to wrap, we have a checklist of questions that we work through with them to ensure we gather all of the necessary information in the most efficient way so that we can get them a quote. We also try to get all esti- mates to the customer within 24 hours. If for some reason the quote is held up, maybe because we're getting an estimate Color samples are kept on file for wraps with multiple vehicles so we can double- check color accuracy as vehicles come in. Within a compa- ny's folder, we cre- ate subfolders for each vehicle type, along with clearly labeled print files for easy reprinting on future vehicles. When a company chooses to do business with you on a repeat basis, it's because of the quality of your work and the ease of doing business with you. on materials from a supplier, we give the customer a quick call to touch base and keep them in the loop. Pricing Whether it's the first vehicle or the fifth vehicle, it's important to be consis- tent and clear with your pricing. If the customer is adding vehicles to their fleet but is only wrapping a couple of vehicles at a time, you're not able to negotiate bulk discounts with your suppliers that allow you to cut pricing to the customer. Although you may get a bit faster as you go during installation, generally the first vehicle will take the same amount of time to wrap as the third one. Again, we do our best to communi- cate with the customer and explain this to them, but we also use a sliding scale on our square-foot graphics pricing so the larger the project, the less per square foot the customer will pay, up to a point. If a customer has three vehicles to wrap, we'll give them a discount overall on all of the vehicles, if they place the order for all three and leave a 50% deposit on all three. If they want to bring them in

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