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October '19

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • October 2019 • 67 times a new addition to a fleet starts with a conversation similar to "Hey, I have a new 2019 Ford Transit van. I want it to look just like the last one you did. When can I bring it in?" Not only is it great to have the trust of our customers, but repeat projects like this are great profit makers. Often your print files are already set up, and place- ment measurements have already been determined, so the printing and instal- lation are super-efficient. Graphic Management We take great care of the customer through excellent communication and consistent pricing. The flip side to the coin is the management of the graph- ics themselves. Whether we're wrapping four vehicles at a time or 40 vehicles at a time, we want there to be consistency across the fleet. Color management is one area of focus. We'll typically print a color sample for the customer to sign off on before we print the first wrap. We keep this approved color sample on file and make sure all graphics are printing consistently. Art files are labeled clearly and orga- nized in customer folders. All art files are backed up and organized using a catalog- ing program, so they're easy to find in the future. We also keep hard copies of all of our customer paperwork. Clear note-taking helps us avoid costly mistakes from one vehicle to the next. If we're wrapping multiple vehicles that are exactly the same, we make sure to note on a print- out of either a template or photo of the vehicle, exact placement measurements. This includes where some aspects of the background image fall on the vehicle as well as the placement of spot graphics. Design A step beyond color management is planning the design of the wrap across multiple vehicle types. Many of our fleet accounts have small cars, pickups, utility bed trucks, box trucks and even semi- trailers. It's essential to keep the core elements consistent across the vehicles—the col- ors, logos and major design elements. The sizing and placement will change, but the core elements should be pres- ent and uniform, maintaining the overall look the company desires. When you first begin working for the customer, you will have an initial design charge to set up their company logo, colors, and other elements. Be sure that you take into account the time that will be spent fitting the artwork to multiple vehicle types and charge accordingly. SDG It's essential to keep the core elements consistent across the vehicles—the colors, logos and major design elements. MILES: 30 HOURS: 0.5 IMP: 4,866 CONTACT: RAMON MENDEZ - Founder 844.937.4832 x 101 FLEETVERTISE Boost Fleet Revenue with On-Truck Advertising We help private fleets stand up and manage on-truck advertising networks... ADVERTISER METRICS DASHBOARD NATIONWIDE AD INSTALL EARN $600-800/TRUCK PER MONTH! MOBILE BILLBOARD + AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY =

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