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70 • October 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Color and design accuracy will improve the final output of the graphics on the film. Avery's Wrap Visualization Tool helps model the look of the film prior to installation. Images courtesy of Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. "Formulation changes to the face stocks have increased durability, added flexibil- ity, and conformability making wrapping much easier." Performance in films was given a con- siderable lift with these types of changes; wrap installers saw improvements in the quality of their work, in addition to an uptick in efficiency. "Other changes to the adhesives have allowed for sliding the graphics during installation, ultimately reducing install time and still maintaining high-quality installs," Monnot contin- ues. "The quality and air egress patterns of liners have improved installation. All these changes through the decades have made is easier for novices to learn the wrap business and improved the efficiency and quality of vet- eran graphics installers." Since installers are con- stantly handling film, their feedback about aligning, and ultimately adhering, the graphics correctly is valuable to manufacturers. COLOR AND DESIGN QUALITY B Y A B B Y M O N N O T , A V E R Y D E N N I S O N G R A P H I C S S O L U T I O N S For us, the latest technology to help drive not only our business, but that of our cus- tomers, is the Car Visualization Tool. Developed in partnership with xix3D, this online configurator allows anyone to view colors and textures of wraps on different makes and models of vehicles for a more realistic vision. With printed graphics, there are a few challenges. Color consistency is one of them. Using color profiles and managing digital media as instructed by the manu- facturer will help maintain color from beginning to end. A quality design will take into account the windows, handles, emblems, and so on, of a vehicle to allow for easier, seamless installation. In the development of wrap films, Avery Dennison leverages new and exciting pig- ments to bring unique colors to our customers that weren't achievable in the past. Wrap installers have different techniques that can lend to the preference of wrap films. Image courtesy of Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. "The installer can quickly set an anchor point or baseline and work more freely, knowing they're not going to have to re-anchor the material because the tack is too low," says Josh Culverhouse, graphic innovations market manager, ORAFOL. "It's a truly awesome installa- tion experience whether you're install- ing on a sedan, delivery van, or tractor trailer." At ORAFOL, wrap films have been improved with the technology of RapidAir, a micro-channel air-egress system, and ProSlide, for repositioning and sliding film over a vehicle surface. "When paired with our ORAGUARD lamination films, they'll experience the added benefits of the efforts we've made to provide them with material com- binations that can take higher levels of heat, install faster, with easier panel alignment," shares Culverhouse. "The RapidAir and ProSlide technology com- bination provides the perfect amount of slideability and repositionability without going overboard." Other technologies, such as 3 M's Controltac, have been used in film for years; helping to give wrappers more freedom to position and ultimately adhere film without problems. "3M has been a longtime leader in developing technology like Controltac, for improved slideability and remov- ability," Cook states. "We continue to improve these features to make films easier to install. Most recently, we have focused our efforts on improving dura- bility in both films and overlaminates." 3 M introduced its 3M Envision Print Wrap Films less than a decade ago, which "were the world's first non-PVC, high- performing wrap films," according to Cook. "Over the past 20 years, we've introduced technology, like air release, that have made films more durable and more conformable." Durability has regularly been a con- cern with vehicle wrap customers; many of which expect to gain a long life from their graphics. It's an element that manu- facturers take seriously when developing a product line.

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