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rv-pro.com October 2019 • RV PRO • 43 "While RV OEM unit sales are off, our numbers are consistent because we're growing market share. We'll continue to innovate and refine our product offerings for our OEM partners and the aftermarket," says Walters. "Also of interest," he says, "the non-RV market is growing about 40 percent. Think: catering trucks, cargo trailers and utility work trucks." So much, in fact, that Progressive Dynamics recently received a Best Supplier of the Year award for excellence in support, service and sales by Intech Trailers, a cargo trailer provider. Another area Walters believes will prove critical to Progressive Dynamics' future is the company's ability to improve its product components. "We have to ask ourselves: If components aren't being used because of global conflict, then what's the alternative? We devote a lot of resources to thinking through those angles – another benefit to our RV OEM partners," he adds. Despite the slowdown in shipments of RVs, Walters points to the advancements that have been made because of collaborations between Progressive Dynamics and the RV OEMs as a sign of a bright future. "The coaches are improved, more sophisticated and a lot more Read More About Progressive Dynamics: https://rv-pro.com/news/progressive-dynamics- releases-rv-lithium-battery-power-centers https://rv-pro.com/news/forest-river-feature- lithium-cells-forester-sunseeker-lines https://rv-pro.com/news/progressive-dynamics- celebrates-50-years user-friendly because of what we've accomplished together … and they're only going to get better," says Walters. "The industry will rebound, as it always does," he adds. "The number of people who want to camp and see the country is only increasing. It's a family-oriented activity that pays dividends, which is great for this country and great for our business. We're an Amer- ican company with American values, and we believe in American manufacturing – we're going to continue to do just that." • Only weighs 30 lbs. • 10 year warranty • No maintenance, no venting • Drop-in replacement • 2-3x the power in the same space Get out there, stay out there. SM Mike knows a thing or two about travel. The 18-time EMMY-winning journalist was "one of America's most well-traveled reporters." Now, he's writing a different story, boondocking through North America with he and his wife as the main characters. Besides places and people, they've found something else worth writing home about. "These new Battle Born Batteries fit perfectly. They charge faster, they charge more, and they last longer." — Mike & Jennifer Wendland, "RV Lifestyle" Less Limits, More Adventure BattleBornBatteries.com They've really figured this out. " "

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